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Mission Projects

The Mulungwishi Seminary

The Mulungwishi Methodist seminary named not after a town but a mission station established in 1918 in the Congo.  The goal of the school founded in 1951 was to educate men and women to serve in the church in the Congo. The seminary encourages students to learn to use the computer and email.

Suzanne Pohli

Formerly from Wilmington, DE, Suzanne Pohli took part on the trips to Red Bird Mission is now living at the Red Bird Mission with her husband. She serves several positions that all have to do with women and children’s ministries and also helps out with the Summer Youth program.  Suzanne also helps with supplemental food for the elderly and other food assistance programs.

Navajo Nation - Four Corners Native American Ministry

A group of 7 churches, a children’s daycare, a thrift shop, and other outreach points in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah. Their base is in Shiprock, New Mexico, our ministry covers the eastern half of the Navajo Reservation. The purpose of Four Corners Native American Ministry is to engage, equip, encourage and empower Four Corners Native American churches to develop a Christ-centered community that will create disciples of Jesus Christ to serve all people.

Israel Oyaro – Kenya Orphanage and Clinic

Also known as The New Life Community Center (NLCC) whose sole mission is to help change the lives of orphans and poverty-stricken people of Kisii, Kenya, into one full of hope and joy in Christ through providing a Christ-based home for the orphaned children there. Started as an orphanage and clinic and now a maternity ward as well. 

Compassion – Jinisha India

Born on Dec 11, 1992 and we have been sponsoring her since Oct 2011.

Megan’s Mercy Mission India

Megan Armstead founded an Orphanage in India that helps about 10 orphaned children. Not only does this give them a place to live but also gives them a chance to go to school.

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